• What if I don't have the beta code?

    The quality of our service is extremely important so we are restricting initial access to ensure we can service our users properly. If you would like to request a beta code, please email us at info@mindsauce.co.uk with beta in the subject field.

  • Can I register as a MindSauce Expert if I am in full time employment?

    In short, yes you can. But it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not in breach of your employment contract and it is essential that you make your employer aware. Some companies are happy for employees to provide professional advice to other companies as long as they are not direct competitors. Please check your contract and if in doubt, speak with your employer.

  • Can anyone register to become a MindSauce Expert?

    No. We work incredibly hard to ensure that the experts on our platform have the right level and type of experience required by our clients. You will need to apply once you have registered on our platform and only following an internal review, will you be notified if you have been successful. If not, please bear with us as we wish to ensure there is the right balance between supply and demand so we may come back to you in the future and offer you the opportunity to act as a MindSauce expert.

  • Can anyone register to become a client?

    Yes. You only need to register an account in order to benefit from our industry leading experts.

  • Will my profile be visible to other platform users?

    It's up to you...

    Profile visibility can be set to public or private. Either way, you can still be considered for and engage in projects that you apply for.


  • Will my projects be visible to all platform users?

    It's up to you...

    Project visibility can be set to public or private. This will enable you to invite and engage specific experts on the platform without revealing confidential information

  • Can I use your platform on a mobile device or tablet?

    Not yet, our platform is only available on desktop via a Chrome or Firefox browser. We believe this will help to ensure the highest quality of service provided by our experts to our clients.