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Our clients include:

How MindSauce Can Help

Imagine what you can do with the world's leading experts at your fingertips

Find your sounding board

Someone to bounce ideas off privately

Upskill your team

Get more out of your team with mentorships

Always be prepared

Go into that crucial board meeting ready

Explore new markets

With someone who can show you the way

Understand new territories

With an expert who knows the lay of the land

"Genuinely the most productive hour of this, or perhaps any year! The session was exceptional. It opened up our eyes and minds to insight that we simply wouldn't have been able to access so readily. We just wouldn't have had a realistic way of acquiring this type of knowledge without spending a fortune in the past."

Mark Fells, former CCO at Whitbread

  • Providing GDPR expertise and guidance
  • Marketing expertise and advice
MindSauce Experts

Examples of our experts include:




  • Slack, Adobe
  • Product,
    Startup Leadership
  • Startups
    Publicly listed




  • Formula 1, McLaren,
  • Mediation,
    Board management
  • Public sector
    Large Private Companies




  • Google, GE, Cisco
  • Executive Coaching, HR
    Learning & Development
  • SMEs
    Publicly listed




  • Funding Circle, Lovefilm,
  • HR,
    Executive Coaching
  • SMEs
    Publicly listed

How we select our experts:

All our experts are highly qualified and assessed for their credibility as leaders in their field - the type of person you normally couldn't reach but that can make an enormous difference to you or your organisation's success.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Digital/
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • CEO/ MD/
  • Commercial
  • IT
  • International
  • Executive
  • PR/
  • Product &
  • Finance
  • Cyber
  • GDPR
  • Strategy
  • 45 other

Access to our client membership is by annual subscription only.
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How It Works

Speed. Simplicity. Security.

  • Find and engage any expert
  • Schedule your call with ease
  • Talk with a world class expert

Our Three Contact Methods

Have a phone call without having to exchange numbers. Bring in any colleagues you want on a conference call.
Video call
Have a video call without having to exchange usernames. It all happens inside MindSauce's web platform.
Face to Face
Meet experts in person either for private one to one meetings or to involve them in internal group discussions.

Our Three Principles


Our platform enables ambitious businesses to connect with leading experts nearly instantaneously. We’ve cut out the middleman enabling our clients to speak directly with experts to qualify suitability and arrange times/dates convenient to both. No need to keep going back and forth.


We want our clients and experts to use their valuable time adding value, not pushing admin. That’s why we have designed a platform that takes all the hassles out of hiring and operating as an expert consultant. We manage invoicing, payments, legal compliance and follow ups.


Every part of your experience with MindSauce is secure. We provide video calls over a secure connection. We are there in the unlikely case of a dispute. And all experts must agree to terms forbidding conflict of interests and ensuring confidentiality with the information they may receive from you.

Why risk making an important strategic decision without asking someone
who has been there and done it before?

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